Aerial Video – Drone and Manned Aerial Cinematography
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Aerial Video Specialists

We have been providing breathtaking aerial video for feature films, commercials, corporate videos, reality TV and documentaries for over twenty years. Whether your aerial production requires professional drones for filming or a manned helicopter with a gyro stabilized Cineflex or Tyler mount, our aerial production team brings a level of experience to each project that boosts confidence and can be trusted.

Professional Drones for Filming

Our drone operator and camera operator come from film industry professionals. With over twenty years of experience, they are not RC hobbyists. They are aerial production specialists. Our team has over 1,000 hours of flying experience working in the motion picture and television production industry. This experience has given our drone operator a comprehensive understanding of shot creation in a safe and legal environment. All of our pilots are qualified and approved by the FAA. We are knowledgeable of all air space rules and requirements and insured for film and television productions.


We have a variety of aerial drone solutions to meet your needs starting with the awesome Inspire 2.

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Manned Aerial Camera Systems

Our manned aerial cinematographer / coordinator is a trained aerial production operator/ technician for the Cineflex Camera Systems, which includes Cineflex Elite with Arri cameras and the Cineflex Ultra with RED cameras, Gyron Camera Systems, and Tyler Camera Systems. We produce aerial videos all over the United States and have worked in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Kuwait, Bahamas, Dominica Commonwealth and Peru.


Call us at 800-897-7637 for a quote or go to our contact us page and request a Production Inquiry for; Aerial Video, Aerial Photography, Industrial Inspection, Agriculture Assessment, Fire and Hazmat Operations, Real Estate Photography and Lidar Surveying.


Cineflex Elite, Rolls Royce, Tucson, AZ.