Drone Aerials with Inspire 2

Aerial Cinematography has taken on a new meaning with the introduction of drone filming. At one time, only large budgets could entertain the idea of incorporating aerial images into their projects.  As a result, aerial video was the exception not the norm.  However, with all of the advances made in the last few years with drone technology, aerial cinematography is now more affordable and accessible to most video production projects.

There are several things to consider when you are looking for the right aerial production team. The first step is to check out samples of their work. Go to their website. See if they have experience capturing the type of aerial images you need for your project. Second, make sure their pilot is properly licensed and certified by the FAA. If they are, this will assure a secure and safe aerial production environment. Third, make sure they are insured. Capturing drone aerials is relatively safe but in the event of an accident you want to make sure that everyone is adequately covered.

Capturing beautiful aerial images has become more cost efficient and less intrusive. We service the entire continental United States.  The beautiful aerial cinematography of the Marriot Ranch Bed and Breakfast located in Hume, VA were captured using the Inspire 2 and the Zenmuse X5S camera at 4k. The expert piloting and camera work along with the Inspire 2 allowed us to highlight the beauty of the majestic Blue Ridge and show the relaxed atmosphere of the working ranch bed and breakfast.

Our offices are located in Richmond, Virginia and Austin, Texas.  Our pilot is FAA certified and our drones are fully insured. Contact us for a cost estimate for your next aerial project.