Cineflex ULTRA High Performance 5-Axis Gyros - HDaerial
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Cineflex ULTRA,

Ultra-HD Broadcast and Film Camera System

Glen Canyon, Utah

The Cineflex ULTRA leads the broadcast and film industries with its unparalleled 5-axis gyro-stabilization, providing the smoothest shots in the air, at sea and on rough terrain. The Cineflex ULTRA, 5-axis gyro-stabilization, will house ultra-HD award winning cameras like the RED, ARRI, and Sony cameras. The ULTRA provides you with the flexibility of Hi-Definiton (HD) Video Formats, 6K, 4K, 2K, and Super 35 formant digital cinematography lenses and to provide exceptional range-performance and unmatched clarity. The Cineflex® ULTRA provides the ability to stabilize Prime, Super Telephoto and Anamorphic lens. The system accepts multiple broadcast and cinema lenses for optical zoom capabilities ranging from the widest fields-of-view to the longest focal lengths available. With an on-screen display, video and system metadata recording and geo-pointing capabilities, the Cineflex ULTRA expands the user’s ability to capture the shot that matters. The Cineflex ULTRA is lighter and more compact than competing systems, making it the superior choice for aircraft, cable and rail systems, automobiles, boats, jibs and other mobile production platforms. Weighing less than 100 lbs., the system allows affordable transport and requires under an hour for installation. Cineflex is a product family of General Dynamics Mission Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics.

System Features

Proven Performance in Television and Cinema
Faster rigging time on helicopters and other vehicles
6K, 4K, Super 35 and Hi-Definition (HD) Video Formats
5-Axis Gimbal Assembly for Unmatched Stability
Reliable Operation in the Harshest Environments
Interchangeable Lens Options
Extremely stable imagery at 4,000mm range
Interchangeable Camera Options
RED Carbon Fiber Dragon with 6K Image Resolution
RED Video Out record time while airborne

ARRI ALEXA-XTM camera integration
Unlimited ARRIRAW record time while airborne
Fiber-optic video data
Auxiliary Power Distribution System to Support Monitors and Recorders
Built-in windowless operation to eliminate reflections
Water-resistant rugged housing
Tested for -30 °C extreme cold operations
Interchangeable ND filters Compact Size and Weight
Low cost shipping and logistics


System and Stabilization

High performance 5-axis gyros
360° continuous pan with optical rotary connector
Tilt +30° to -195°
Roll +/- 45°
Operator-adjustable slew rate up to 65°
Maximum Slew Acceleration: 100° / sec2
Automatic lock-up during powder down protects gimbal
Integrated ARRI RCU-4, REDMOTE, or Sony RMB750 Camera Control
Lightweight carbon fiber covers on gimbal
Lightweight carbon fiber laptop controller


Lens Options

AngènieuxTM 40 x 22* 22mm – 1760m
AngènieuxTM 40 x 11 11mm – 880mm
FujinonTM HA 42 x 13.5 13.5mm -1134mm
FujinonTM HA 42 x 9.7 9.7mm – 815mm
FujinonTM HA 23 x 7.6 7.6mm – 350mm
FujinonTM 14 x 4.5 4.5mm – 138mm

Canon CN-E14.5-60mm 14.5mm – 60mm
CN-E30-300mm 30mm – 300mm
CN-50-1000mm 50mm – 1000mm
Optimo 25-250 25mm – 250mm
Master Primes 25mm, 27mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm



Turret: 65-85 lbs depending on camera/lens combination
Auxiliary Control Unit: 27 lbs with ALEXA-XTM body
Laptop Control Unit: 5 lbs
Cables: 9 lbs

Control Interfaces

Fiber Optic



Turret: 19.8″ x 14.95″
Auxiliary Control Unit: 6″ x 14″ x 19″
Laptop Control Unit: 17″ x 8.75″ x 1.8″
Cables: 20’standard length (Custom lengths upon request)



Input Voltage: 28VDC +/- 10%
Continuous: 170-215W, depending upon camera
Maximum: 230-615W, depending upon camera


Accessory Items

Wireless control with ethernet and fiber optic hard-wire options
Operator-friendly DATA+ overlay with lens and gimbal data
GEO+ with geo-lock and geo-pointing
Moving map interface
Searchlight interface
Clear filter lens protection
100′ extension cables