Aerial Videography Services

Aerial Videography Services can be used to highlight events or create marketing and promotional videos.  There are some sporting events that are best covered with aerial footage like a bike race. Tens of thousands of cyclists from nearly every corner of the world participate in this bike race which makes it all but impossible to film unless you capture it with a helicopter camera mount.  This bike ride covers 128 miles of potential routes over ten distinct course options. Using a gyro stabilized camera system like the Cineflex proved to be the best way to follow the race. Our aerial videographer was ready for the task.

Gyro Stabilized Camera Systems

Aerial images of the race were captured with the Cineflex V14 mounted on a Bell 407 helicopter.  Several riders were featured in a documentary aired on a UK television station. Since these riders were from the UK, they were followed through the selection process, the training process and then the actual race. The Cineflex V14 was selected to shoot this race because of its rock solid 5 axis gyro stabilized camera system. This system allowed us to quickly maneuver over the course to capture the efforts of each cyclist.

Aerial Coordination

Capturing these images also took aerial coordination. To follow the 3 cyclists from the UK, communications were set up between the ground production crew and our aerial production team. Being positioned to catch aerial images of each of the UK cyclist was critical. We excel at aerial coordination. Solid aerial coordination will make the difference between a really successful aerial project and a mediocre aerial project.

Aerial Videographer

Behind all great aerial footage is an expert aerial videographer. An experienced aerial camera operator  will capture the powerful and important aerial images that will make your documentary spectacular. Every documentary needs beautiful aerial panoramic views of the city or location of the event, like this aerial footage of the San Francisco Bay area.

It takes team work to capture these aerial images. We bring a strong team to the table when hired to shoot aerial cinematography for your project. HDaerial is a team you can count on to deliver the aerial images you need to communicate your message.