Payload Retraction System

For Sale $150,000 USD

The Payload Retraction system is able to mount up to 12″ diameter gimbalized payloads. Allows for FOD protection of the payload when operating on unimproved airstrips and no reduction in performance for takeoff and landing when retracted. Redundant drive motors to a single gear box for fail safe operation and manual retraction capability if needed.

FAA approved engineering installation paperwork for the
Aero Turbo Commander 690.

Modular Operator Console

Modular Operator Console. Configurable to platform
space and customer requirements. Includes Viewpoint 17″ HD Display with 1080p resolution, Rugged Tablet, Dock station & keyboard. Mounts to cabin seat rails for rapid installation & removal in minutes. FAA Structural 8110-3 will be provided to support the aircraft RTS.


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