Aerial Coordination for Aerial Filming
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Arizona Department of Tourism Matt Trub, Aerial Cinematographer

Aerial Coordination

We have two locations to serve our clients in the United States. Our Corporate Headquarters are in Austin, Texas and our East Coast office is in Washington D.C. HDaerial also collaborates with Heliteam in Munich, Germany. HDaerial provides aerial cinematography throughout U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Mexico, Central America and South America and work closely with helicopter companies throughout the world.

Air and Ground Coordination

There is a lot more to aerial filming than just mounting an aerial camera system on a helicopter. Aerial coordination is the backbone of any successful project. Whether it’s air to ground or air to air, we will locate the appropriate aircraft with an experienced pilot closest to your project and consult with you concerning the correct gyro stabilized gimbal camera mount for that project. We also, will work with you to make sure camera and lens used in the air matches what you are filming with on the ground. Pre-production meetings between pilot, camera operators and directors are essential and are a necessary element before each shoot.


HDaerial has the experience and knowledge to help you with FAA paperwork, insurance, location access and permits. But there is more to aerial coordination than just paperwork. Above all, our main concern is safety. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect solution that is within your budget to capture that awe inspiring image for your project.


Assembling the right team is important. From aerial cinematographers, second assistant cameraman, loaders and Digital Image Technicians (D.I.T.) for the RED, Alexa, film, and other high definition cameras, HDaerial provides the support team to make everything run smoothly.


Our skills just don’t stop in the air. We provide all ground crews, technicians, fuel personnel, fuel trucks and equipment for those remote locations. HDaerial handles all freight scheduling to and from your location for the camera system, lens and helicopter mounts.


HDaerial can edit your footage in one of our two edit suites.

International Coordination

HDaerial does aerial filming all over the world. Aerial coordination is an integral part of every international project. Along with all of the same aerial coordination elements found in aerial projects in the United States, international projects require a few more details. We will provide assistance in navigating through each country’s travel policies, visas and transportation of equipment in and out of the country.

Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil Matt Trub, Aerial Cinematographer

Amalfi Coast, Italy Matt Trub, Aerial Cinematographer