Drone Film Company – Drone Cinematography Company

For our drone film company, being called to work on a movie set is always thrilling. We enjoy coordinating with the rest of the crew to capture just the right aerial images they will need to complete their movie. Not all drone cinematography companies are the same. Our drone cinematography company is staffed with a professional drone cinematographer and camera operator. We have over 20 years of experience shooting ground and aerial video production. We know what it takes to get the shot you are looking for.

Each movie production has its challenges. This one was no different.  Production started with rain from the start and ended with rain. So finding windows at exactly the time of day we needed to capture our aerial footage was our greatest challenge. The easiest part of this drone production, were the wide open expanses of road between Texas and Colorado that needed to be shot.


Professional Drone Cinematographer

As a FAA certified drone cinematography company, our professional drone cinematographer is responsible for making sure that wherever we fly, we are flying at the proper altitude for that air space. We are licensed and fully insured. One of our most important drone videography services is drone safety. Safety protocols are followed from beginning to end of each aerial production.