Wescam MX15 For Sale Stabilized Gimbal - Aerial Cinematography-HDaerial
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Wescam MX15 for sale

Wescam MX15 For Sale Stabilized Gimbal

Wescam MX15 for sale

Wescam MX15 For Sale

Stabilized Gimbal
Multi-sensor, Multi-spectral systems IR
stabilized camera system

We now have several Wescam MX15’s For Sale. These Wescam MX15’s come with Color low-light, wide-angle zoom EO imager, complementing the system’s existing dual-channel spotter, this technology enhances its imaging capability under a wide range of illumination conditions, including dusk and poor weather conditions. They also have a Zoom spotter – Zoom optics allow the operator to achieve the desired balance of magnification and field of view between moderately wide and ultra-narrow as well as a Short wave IR (SWIR) imager. Useful for day and night imaging missions, the high resolution SWIR imager offers outstanding range performance at the limits of atmospheric visibility. In addition, it offers improved imaging performance under suboptimal atmospheric conditions, such as atmospheric haze and fog.


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