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Tyler Camera Mount

Filming for the Feature Film “Rudderless” with the Tyler Middle Mount and RED camera. Interstate Helicopters, Oklahoma City, Jim Johnson film pilot. Matt Trub, aerial director of photography.

The Tyler Camera Mount, better known as a Side Mount or Middle Mount is used for tracking and pirouette shots. Featuring 100 degrees of pan, tilt and roll. The system is ideal for air-to-ground, air-to-air, or scenic and high action sequences. With an HDaerial certified Tyler technician, install takes approximately sixty minutes.

Additional Features:

Direct, through the eyepiece viewing for optimum focusing and framing. Controls for smooth, slow to hight speed zooming, focus and camera run.
The Middle Mount II (aka “Side Mount”) enables a panorama of angles visible from the side of the helicopter, and gives you the options of using almost any camera, lens, filters and other accessories of your choice. Combined with Tyler’s Gyro-Assist, the Middle Mount II becomes even steadier, allowing for smoother and tighter shots. These helicopter Mounts are most frequently used in Eurocopter Astar or Twister helicopters, and Bell 206, 206L and 407. Other helicopter options include the Bell Huey, McConnel Douglas MD-500, and Eurocopter BO-105 and BK-117.

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System Features

Optimum Camera Types:

RED Cameras
Canon C300 and C500
and all industrial hand-held type


Focal Range:


Point of View:

Side (Left or Right Side)


Max. Camera Weight:




Brute Gyro


Tilt 100 degrees
Roll 100 degrees


Install Time:

60 minutes (must be installed by a certified Tyler installer) Mounting camera may take longer depending on camera used.


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