Cineflex V14 360° Continuous Pan - HDaerial
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Kuwait-Crew, Kuwait-city Matt Trub, Aerial Cinematographer

Cineflex V14

Kuwait, Super Puma V14

Kuwait-city, Matt Trub Aerial Cinematoprapher


Potomac River, Maryland, Maryland Public Telev, Matt Trub Aerial Cinematographer

For their 50th Independence Day, the government of Kuwait celebrated with a large fireworks show aired on TV for those who could not actually attend. That was accomplished with HDaerial Inc, the Cineflex V14 and a video downlink provided by Actis. The Cineflex V14 was mounted to one of Kuwait’s military Puma helicopter. While in Kuwait for the fireworks, additional footage was shot of Kuwait’s Naval fleet and other military installations.
HDaerial with Matt Trub as Aerial Director of Photography also used the Cineflex V14 to shoot all of the aerial footage for Maryland Public Televison’s documentary, Potomac By Air. Potomac By Air was produced by John Paulson Productions, John Paulson, Director and we used Steve Bussmann Aviation and his MD500 Helicopter to capture all of the breathtaking images of the Potomac. The 57 minute documentary was aired on MPT in April 24, 2015 and can now be found on DVD. The Potomac River is touted as the nation’s river and its story as the American story. This important aerial story of the Potomac River highlights its importance to the growth and sustainability of our nation.
Other projects shot with the Cineflex V14 are the 2011 – 2012 Clipper Race for DeLage Landen and the Levi’s GranFondo Bike Race in Santa Rosa, CA. This is a rock solid 5 axis gyro stabilized system and is extremely smooth. The Cineflex V14 provides high performance, up to 200 knots and 360 degree continuous pan, 165 degree tilt and =/- 45 degree roll, automatice and steerable, all with amazing accuracy and stability. Frame rates from 23.98p to 60p are possible including PAL standards of 25p and 50p.
Some of our other clients include the BBC, VH-1, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NHK Japan, Granada ITV United Kingdom, Arizona Department of Tourism, San Antonio Economic Development, Rolls Royce Group UK, Massachusetts Electric and Animal Planet.

System Features

Proven Rock Solid Stability
Quick to rig
Interchangeable Lens
Light weight gyro-stabilized system
Low cost shipping and logistics
Fits on all existing helicopter mounts

Sony RM-B750 for easy camera exposure, gamma and color control.

Industry Leader
5-axis gyro-stabilization
Nadir look-down capability available
Water-resistant housing
Tested for -30 °C extreme cold operations
On-board ND filter selection

V14 Specifications

System and Stabilization

High performance 5-axis gyros
360° continuous pan
Tilt +20° to -195°
Roll +/- 45°
Operator-adjustable slew rate up to 55°
Maximum Slew Acceleration: 100° / sec2
Automatic lock-up during powder down protects gimbal
Integrated Sony RMB750 Camera Control
Lightweight carbon fiber covers on gimbal
Lightweight carbon fiber laptop controller



Sony CineAlta HDC 1500


Lens Options

Canon or Fujinon HD zoom lens. 1920 x 1080 with dual link 4:4:4 HD output.

Fujinon™ HA 42 x 13.5 (13.5mm – 1134mm)
Fujinon™ HA 42 x 9.7 (9.7mm – 815mm)
Fujinon™ HA 23 x 7.6 (7.6mm – 350mm)
Fujinon™ HA 14 x 4.5 (4.5mm – 138mm)
Angènieux™ 40 x 22 (22mm – 1760mm)


Record deck

HDW S280 HDCAM Record Deck and SRW-1 HD Portable Digital Video Recorder and SRPC-1 HD Video Processor, RGB 4:4:4 to Y/Pb/Pr 4:2:2 color space conversion.



Turret: 65-74 lbs depending on lens combination
Auxiliary Control Unit: 27 lbs
Laptop Control Unit: 5 lbs
Cables: 9 lbs


Nose and side mounts. Eurocopternose-mount for the Eurocopter AS350 B2, B3 or TwinStar aircraft and Nose and side for the Bell 206 Jet and Long Ranger helicopters and MD500. Side mounts for Robinson 44. Other mounts are available for other types of helicopters and fixed wing.


Control Interfaces

Fiber Optic



Turret: 19.8″ x 14.95″
Auxiliary Control Unit: 6″ x 14″ x 19″
Laptop Control Unit: 17″ x 8.75″ x 1.8″
Cables: 20’standard length (custom lengths upon request)



Input Voltage: 28VDC +/- 10%
Continuous: 170W
Maximum: 230W


Accessory Items

Wireless control with ethernet and fiber optic hard-wire options
100′ extension cables