Aerial Filming Services / HDaerial, Inc.
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PBY Catalina “Flying Boat” Virginia Beach Airport Matt Trub, Photographer



We have two locations to serve our clients in the United States. Our Corporate Headquarters are in Austin, Texas and our East Coast office is in Washington D.C. area. HDaerial also collaborates with Heliteam in Munich, Germany to provide aerial filming services as well as throughout the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Mexico, Central America and South America and we work closely with helicopter companies throughout the world.


With over twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, we know how effective professional aerial photography of your property can be in securing the right client quickly. HDaerial produces high quality, custom aerial photography for the commercial real estate market, construction progress, Civil Engineering, and farm and ranching. Aerial photography of your property will generate more interest and quicker sales.


We are now using the new Inspire 2 to capture both video and still photos.  The Zenmuse X5S captures photos at 20.8 MP and video up to 5.2K. The Inspire 2 workflow has been completely optimized which allows fast transfer of files direct from the Cine SSD card and quick delivery of images to our clients.

Wriggly Field, Chicago, Il Matt Trub, Aerial Cinematographerr

SH 130 Toll Road Austin, TX Matt Trub, Aerial Cinematographer


HDaerial offers High Definition Video Mapping. Our system is an ArcGIS extension that provides geospatial random access to digital video through the ArcMap interface. We can provide Geo-code images with GPS data embedded in the data fields of high resolution images. These Geo-coded high definition videos (1920 x 1080p or up to 6K) are powerful tools for utility and pipeline surveying.


Safety is our number one concern at HDaerial. Prior to each production we conduct a safety briefing, a pilot pre-flight safety check-off and implement a strict list of ground protocol to insure the highest standards of safety for our people in the air and on the ground.

Super Puma, Kuwait Matt Trub, Photographer

Premier Pro


Capturing the dynamic aerial images that will make your project stand out is one thing but cutting edge video editing will make the difference in whether your project reaches and fulfills the goals you have set.