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Dynamic Dell Aerial Videography


When the phone rings and people want to talk to us about using aerial videography to capture those really dynamic aerial viewpoints for their project, we never know exactly what will be coming next.  Aerial videography always draws the really creative producers who think outside the box.  This time it was EMC TV who called us.  This time we would be capturing dynamic aerial videography of skydivers as they jump from an airplane in Central Texas.  You may think, “Okay, what’s so hard about that?” but there’s more.  We needed to capture footage of them free falling into and out of an aerial formation.  The next step was the opening of the new 50 foot Dell Technologies logo banner that was to land precisely in the designated open field among the Dell Round Rock, TX campus buildings.  Then there were the skydivers in winged suits that were going to just skim over the top of the Dell Technologies banner as it is floating down.  There is always much more to aerial videography than meets the eye.  A tremendous amount of coordination between the pilot of the airplane and the helicopter had to take place to make sure the timing was perfect but to also make sure the skydivers were always safe.  We used the Cineflex Elite with the Alexa Camera mounted to the nose of a Bell Jet Ranger.  Once again, our experienced aerial camera operator and film pilot were able to capture spectacular aerial images while our companion company, Matthew and Company was on the ground capturing spectacular images of this aerial acrobat show from the ground.  It was a great honor to have been invited to play a part in the introduction of this new alignment between Dell and EMC.  Dell’s merger with EMC to complete the Dell Technologies consortium may be one of the biggest steps toward advancing the use of technology in our daily lives.  The spectacular opening production for the introduction of Dell Technologies will give you a  great idea as to the significance of this new merger. It will also show you the dynamic aerial videography the professionals at  HDaerial can deliver.

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