De Lage Landen in New York - Aerial Cinematography-HDaerial
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De Lage Landen Sails Into New York

2011-2012 ‘De Lage Landen’ is one of ten identical yachts that spent nearly a year sailing around the world during Clipper 11-12. In total, these ships traveled forty thousand nautical miles over 74 thousand kilometers, visiting fourteen ports on six continents. HDaerial was asked to shoot aerial cinematography of the De Lage Landen arriving in New York. The aerial footage was shot by Matt Trub, with HDaerial using the Cineflex V14. The Cineflex V14 was mounted on an Astar 355 Twin Star with expert film pilot, Al Cerullo as pilot. Aerial images of this beautiful clipper gliding by Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty with its spinnaker unfurled created lasting memories for the crew of the De Lage Landen.
While aerial filming was taking place, a ground crew was on the decks of the De Lage Landen shooting interviews and footage of the crew at work. To successfully capture the beautiful aerial images the client wanted, pre-production planning and logistics needed to be coordinated.
HDaerial excels at aerial coordination. Solid aerial coordination will make the difference between a really successful aerial project and a mediocre aerial project. HDaerial has identified qualified aerial film pilots and helicopters that can handle the proper gyro stabilized camera system for the job at hand regardless of where in the world the aerial job takes place. We coordinate with the production team all, ground crews to be featured in the shot and those that are not such as refueling crews and staging crews. HDaerial also makes sure all permits and certificates of insurance are properly in place before take off.
The De Lage Landen corporate video is a great example of how powerful and important aerial images can be to your corporate message. It takes team work to capture those aerial images. HDaerial brings a strong team to the table when hired to shoot aerial cinematography for your corporate video. HDaerial is a team you can count on to deliver the images you need to communicate your message.



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