Central Texas Road Ways - HDaerial Aerial Cinematography
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Central Texas Road Ways

When they were looking to expand Central Texas Road Ways, aerial cinematography and aerial photography before, during and after the expansion were critical. Before the large Toll Road project build out of SH 130 and SH 45, the aerial images HDaerial produced were vital tools for the Texas Department of Transportation as they planned and located necessary parcels of land. But it wasn’t just the planning stages that need our expertise, HDaerial provided high quality images throughout this entire project from start to finish. Aerials were shot as progress was being made to make sure the project was on the right track. Aerials were shot again at the completion of the project for news and promotional purposes.

Aerial photography can also be of great value. This image of a bridge over the Colorado River just north of Austin, TX gives you a bird’s eye view of this beautiful bridge.

Some aerial photography jobs are best captured with our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV like this
picture of Rivery Blvd in Georgetown, TX. The UAV/Drone is an eight bladed Octocopter Heavy Lift. This small but sturdy little drone will carry a payload up to 12 pounds and give us up to 10 minutes of air time over our targets.  It will carry cameras that produce 4k images like the RED Epic, Dragon and Weapon. It will also carry the Canon C500, the Canon 5D Mark III and the GoPro. Our UAV/Drone is perfect for low altitude shots that would be more difficult for a larger manned helicopter to grab. Our UAV/Drone is also super affordable in comparison to the larger manned helicopters and gyro-stabilized camera systems.

Aerial Photography