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Aerial Footage New York

Aerial Cinematography can capture dynamic angles of construction sites, scenes for feature films, television shows and commercials or beautiful panoramic views of your city.  The Aerial Footage New York was shot with a Cineflex Elite. Matt Trub was the aerial camera operator on this job.


The gyro-stablilized Cineflex Elite with the ARRI ALEXA camera makes brings affordable feature film quality to any production anywhere in the world. The new lightweight Cineflex Elite and ARRI ALEXA camera provides a lower cost of operation than any other aerial gyro-stabilized system.  The Cineflex Elite houses the ARRI ALEXA Super 35 camera and Canon 4k Digital Cinema Zoom lenses. This camera/lens combo along with the 5 axis gyro-stabilized Cineflex delivers an extremely stable image in most weather conditions. Onboard recording is available to SxS Pro Media cards, and 3G single or dual link for ARRIRAW capture. Action scenes can now be filmed with high speed rates up to 120 frames per second. Lens choices include 14.5-60mm and 30-300mm zooms.


With onboard recording inside the helicopter and instant playback, maximum flight times can be achieved without the need to land the helicopter to reload film magazines or digital media. The ARRI ALEXA extends the value of aerial filming production by simultaneously recording ARRIRAW 2880 x 1620 files to a Gemini 444 and Apple ProRes 1080p to SxS media. Recording options include SxS 64Gb Pro Media, Gemini 444 ARRIRAW digital recorder, Sony HDCAM SR, AJA KiPro, and the NanoFlash. Other record decks available upon request.


New York has never looked better from the air.  The Cineflex Elite will deliver the dramatic or breathtaking aerial images your project or film needs. Our aerial cinematographer, Matt Trub, is a very experienced aerial camera operator. He has an eye for just the right shot. Aerial Footage New York will give you an idea how powerful dynamic aerial images can be for your project or film.


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