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Aerial Cinema using Gyro Stabilized Systems

Aerial cinema adds production value and an element of excitement to most video production projects. We use the gyro stabilized systems that best suit your project. After consulting with you, we analyze which helicopter camera mount will produce the best aerial videos to meet your video production needs. Introducing new model cars and showing off their capabilities can be a challenge.  Aerial cinematography on a closed set is a way to let your product shine.  The Circuit of the Americas track in Austin, TX became the focus of our attention with over twenty new Cadillac V series cars on the track to show the world what they could do. We used the Cineflex Ultra with the RED Epic Carbon Fiber Dragon camera and the Canon 4K Digital Zoom 30mm – 300mm lens to capture some of these spectacular aerial images. With the cars moving at speeds of up to 150 mph, the gyro stabilized systems we use were able to provide smooth and rock solid aerial footage at 4K of these cars moving around the track.


This project was ultimately edited down into a two and a half minute video promoting the Cadillac V series and The Drive of your Life. There was no better way to show case this new product than with a rock solid aerial cinema.


Aerial Videos

Creating aerial cinema on a closed set produces great aerial images in a safe environment. We provide aerial videos at Circuit of the Americas. Whether you need helicopters, gyro stabilized camera systems, RF Downlinks for broadcast, aerial camera operators, technicians or ground crew, we can provide many of these services locally, saving you time and money. HDaerial is the one call for all of your aerial production needs.

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