MōVI M10 For Sale - Aerial Cinematography-HDaerial
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Contact: Matt Trub 800.897.7637 or matt@hdaerial.com

MoVi M10 For Sale

The MōVI M10 For Sale is an aerial & handheld stabilized camera gimbal. This MōVI M10 has never been rented and is in great working order with some light wear. The performance is flawless. All you need is the app which you can download for free at MōVI.


This MōVI M10 For Sale is a combo aerial and handheld stabilized camera gimbal. The system supports single or dual operator control. In single user (Majestic) mode, the system’s software intelligently differentiates unwanted shake or vibration from intentional movement, such as panning, while keeping the horizon level. In Aerial mode, you can mount the M10 to anything you want from cars to cranes. With the DX7s remote control (not in concluded) you can control the camera pan, tilt, and roll. In this configuration, the camera will always point where the operator of the remote tells it to, independent of how the rig operator moves.

What you get:

  • Stand
  • Top handle
  • Camera mounts
  • DX7s receiver ( For aerial or dual operator mode)
  • DX7s Radio
  • Ninja Star (For aerials)
  • 3 legs      (For aerials)
  • 2 brackets for the front legs  (For aerials)

We used this MōVI M10 with the Red Dragon to create A More Beautiful Barn-Mike, A More Beautiful Barn-Craig and Nancy, and A More Beautiful Barn-Glenn. This project was a combination of ground production in the morning and aerial production in the afternoon and back to ground production to finish the day. The conversion takes about 15 minutes.


The MōVI M10  stabilized platform can carry the following cameras:

  • Red Epic Grass Valley GV LDX Compact
  • Red Dragon Black Majic BMD 4K, AJA 4K
  • Red Scarlet Sony FS 100
  • Arri Alexa Sony FS 700
  • Sony F5 and F55 Sony Alpha 99
  • Canon C100 Sony A7S
  • Canon C300 Nikon D800
  • Canon C500 Nikon D4
  • Canon 1D-C Pansonic GH4
  • Canon 5D GoPro
  • Canon 7D

Contact: Matt Trub 800.897.7637 or matt@hdaerial.com