HDaerial has FAA 333 Exemption - Aerial Cinematography-HDaerial
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HDaerial has FAA 333 Exemption

HDaerial has FAA 333 Exemption for Film, TV Production & Aerial Photography

HDaerial has FAA 333 Exemption for Closed Set Motion Picture and Television Production allowing UAS/Drone (unmanned aircraft system) use for commercial purposes. Our UAS pilots and camera operators are film industry professionals, with over twenty years of experience, not RC hobbyists turned aerial cinematographers. Years of experience working in the motion picture and television production industry has given our pilots a comprehensive understanding of shot creation and capture. What this means for our clients is capturing the shot they want in a safe and legal environment. We’re insured for film and television productions and our flight manual and motion picture manual has been approved by the FAA.

For examples pleas click on UAS/Drone work or you can go to the home page.

Call us at 800-897-7637 for a quote or go to our contact us page and request a Production Inquiry for; Aerial Cinematography, Aerial Photography, Industrial Inspection, Agriculture Assessment, Fire and Hazmat Operations, Realestate Photography and Lidar Surveying.

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