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Air to Air shoot of Rolls Royce Trent 1000. Aerial Cinematographer, Matt Trub using a Cineflex V-14

Aerial Equipment

The Cineflex® ULTRA

The Cineflex® ULTRA leads the broadcast and film industries with its unparalleled 5-axis gyro-stabilization, providing the smoothest shots in the air, at sea and on rough terrain.

In addition to being configurable with RED, ARRI, and Sony cameras, the Cineflex® ULTRA provides the ability to stabilize Super Telephoto,

Air to Air shoot of Rolls Royce Trent 1000. Aerial Cinematographer, Matt Trub using a Cineflex V-14Prime and Anamorphic lens options creating the most versatile stabilized camera system in the industry.

Cineflex Elite

HDaerial provides the new Cineflex Elite with the ARRI ALEXA camera. Now aerial cinematography, feature film quality is now affordable for any production anywhere in the world. The new lightweight Cineflex Elite and ARRI ALEXA camera provides a lower cost of operation than any other aerial gyro-stabilized system.

Cinflex V14

Filming for PBS in Washington DC. MacDonald Douglas with the Cineflex V14.

Cineflex V14

HDaerial recently completed aerial productions using the Cineflex V-14 for Maryland Public Television MPT. Potomac by Air, John Paulson Productions, John Pauls, director, Steve Bussmann, Bussmann Aviation and his MD500, and Matt Trub, aerial director of photography. This is a Rock Solid, 5-axis gyro stabilized system and extremely smooth. Full digital servo and control system.

Gyron Super G

The Gyron is a unique 5-axis aerial cinematography system eliminates adverse motion artifacts and can be used on many types of helicopters and airplanes to produce stable images throughout a typical 25-250mm (film lens) zoom range with full look down capability.

Aerial Cinematographer, Matt Trub using Tyler Middle Mount on Feature Film “Rudderless”.

Tyler Camera Mounts

Door mounts are often referred to as side mounts. These mounts isolate the vibration produced by the aircraft. Most door mounts have a large balance arm that can roll so that you will be able to hold the horizon. In addition, you have control over pan, tilt, zoom, and focus. Most of the mounts today come with gyro assist capabilities and provide a stable image that is closer to the stability you find in ball mount stability.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV

HDaerial’s Octocopter Heavy Lift is the next evolution in professional multi-rotor helicopters. Extensive R&D has been invested in the Octocopter HL to create a reliable and robust system for aerial video and photo professionals, allowing for longer flight times, heavier payloads and smooth aeril footage. This production tool will provide a perspective you were unable to obtain before.

Octocopter with MoVI M10, Richard Trub Pilot, Matt Trub Camera Operator.

MoVI M10…Richard Trub Operator/Tech, Matt Trub Operator/Tech

MoVi M10 & M15

The MōVI handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal is so advanced it redefines the possibilities for camera movement. This versatile new technology allows for use in helicopters, and in handheld, Steadicam and SteadiSeg applications.