A More Beautiful Barn – Mike - Aerial Cinematography-HDaerial
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A More Beautiful Barn – Mike

A More Beautiful Barn – Mike was filmed at Crawford, Texas by HDaerial, in conjunction with Matthew and Company were asked to create several drone video over a three week period of three separate paintings of murals on barns throughout the US for Cargill. HDaerial employed their Heavy Lift Octocopter with the MōVI M10 gyro stabilized gimbal to capture the beautiful images for A More Beautiful Barn – Craig and Nancy. The UAV carried the RED Dragon camera, capturing at 6K and with various Ziess CP2 prime lens. They also were able to provide the MōVI M10 stabilized system for ground coverage. “We could change out the system from our aerial rig to a handheld rig in about forty five minutes and reverse that configuration in about one hour. This way the client had the versatility to fly aerials in the morning, use the MōVI for ground shots during the day and re-rig for aerials in the afternoon”, Richard Trub said. “Our custom built UAV had no problems with carrying the Dragon and the CP2’s what so ever, the motors never over heated and the MōVI was rock solid”. Richard said.
Cargill, Inc., is an American privately held, multinational corporation based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb. Founded in 1865, it is now the largest privately held corporation in the United States in terms of revenue.

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