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Aerial survey of construction of the Rivery Hotel


HDaerial has FAA 333 Exemption

One of our multi-rotor helicoptersUAV/Drone with a MoVI M10 gimbal. Red Rock wireless focus and Paralinx HD monitoring. Cradled in the MoVI is the RED Dragon and CP.2 Super Speed 35mm T.1.5 Zeiss Lense.

Affordable Dynamic Angles and Moves


HDaerial’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV – Drone is an octocopter heavy lift. It is the next evolution in professional multi-rotor helicopters. Extensive R&D has been invested in the octocopter heavy lift to create a reliable and robust system for aerial video and photo professionals, allowing for longer flight times, heavier payloads and smoother footage. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV – Drone will provide a perspective you were unable to obtain before. The UAV – Drone in combination with the MōVI M10 and M15 3-axis digital gyro stabilized camera gimbal provides the most advanced UAV – Drone Aerial Cinematography Platform. For over twenty years the same team that has operated our manned aerial filming is now involved in our UAV services. From our UAV – Drone pilots, camera operators, ground safety officers to our technicians we provide the same standard of excellence in the air and on the ground. We apply the same rigorous safety and aerial co-ordination procedures to our unmanned aerial vehicle UAV – Drones as we do our full-size helicopters.
The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV- Drone provides a perfect aerial view of those hard to get shots. The Sperm Whale Documentary shot in the Dominica Commonwealth is a great example of how affective the UAV/Drone can be over water.A More Beautiful Barn-Mike, A More Beautiful Barn-Craig and Nancy, and A More Beautiful Barn-Glenn are also great examples of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at work.

System Features

GPS Safety Come Home

GPS Position Hold

Altitude Hold

GPS Way Points Flying


System and Stabilization Gimbals

The Octo is a Carbon Fiber Frame
8 T-Motors
15×5 Carbon Fiber Props
360 Cine-Star Gimbal
MoVI M10
MoVI M15


Camera Options

Red Epic Black Majic BMD 4K, AJA 4K
Red Dragon Sony FS 100
Red Scarlet Sony FS 700
Arri Alexa Minor Sony F5 and F55
Canon C100 Sony A7S
Canon C300 Sony Alpha 99
Canon C500 Nikon D800
Canon 1D-C Nikon D4
Canon 5D Pansonic GH4
Canon 7D GoPro
Grass Valley GV LDX Compact



Zeiss CP-2 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm,
Angenieux 16-40mm zoom

Flight time

The average time for our Heavy Lift Octocopter with the MoVI M10 stabilizer, wireless focus and for example the RED Dragon camera/CP2 35mm lens is around 12 minutes aloft. Lift times may vary depending on payload and wind conditions.


Dimensions of the UAV

4′ 9″ Diameter



QuadroPower 8,000mAh (6s) Battery

QuadroPower 10,000mAh (6s) Battery



Accessory Items

Red Rock Remote Focus Control

Paralinx Wireless Monitoring