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HDaerial has FAA 333 Exemption

18 Feb HDaerial has FAA 333 Exemption

HDaerial has FAA 333 Exemption for Film, TV Production & Aerial Photography

HDaerial has FAA 333 Exemption for Closed Set Motion Picture and Television Production allowing UAS/Drone (unmanned aircraft system) use for commercial purposes. Our UAS pilots and camera operators are film industry professionals, with over twenty years of experience, not RC hobbyists turned aerial cinematographers. Years of experience working in the motion picture and television production industry has given our pilots a comprehensive understanding of shot creation and capture. What this means for our clients is capturing the shot they want in a safe and legal environment. We’re insured for film and television productions and our flight manual and motion picture manual has been approved by the FAA.

For examples pleas click on UAS/Drone work or you can go to the home page.

Call us at 800-897-7637 for a quote or go to our contact us page and request a Production Inquiry for; Aerial Cinematography, Aerial Photography, Industrial Inspection, Agriculture Assessment, Fire and Hazmat Operations, Realestate Photography and Lidar Surveying.

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Flir Ultra Media II For Sale

19 Jan Flir Ultra Media II For Sale

Flir Ultra Media II System For Sale

HD, 5 Axis Gimbal

Flir Ultra Media II system for sale With the Sony’s Cinealta HDC-1500 portable camera utilizes advanced HD Digital Signal Processing with 14 bit A/D converters. It also incorporates a newly developed CCD imager that creates images in either 1080 50 or 60 frame progressive or 1080 50 or 60 field interlace frame rate, depending on desired final system output.

The new CCD and DSP LSI are two key devices that allow stunning image creation in a variety of scanning modes. The new camera system accommodates all popular interlace and progressive scan formats including 1080/50, 1080/24P as well as the highest-quality 720/50P images. The HDC-1500 camera provdes digital transmission using SMPTE standard fibre optic cable to transmit high-quality digital data over long distances.
The camera also provides two HD SDI outputs and one digitally down-converted SDI or analogue composite output. In addition, viewfinder signals with characters can be output from the SDI output connector, giving camera operators additional convenience. Furthermore, when in 24P operation, the built-in 2-3 pull-down function of the HDC-1500 enables 60i down-converted SD signals to be output on a standard SD monitor – a capability that also minimieses the flicker that generally occurs on the viewfinder.
The HDC-1500, if required, can be operated in a triax environment utilising the HDTX-100 triax adapter.

For more information click here.

Contact: Matt Trub 800.897.7637 or matt@hdaerial.com

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2007 Cessna 206H Stationair With Axsys V14 for Sale

21 Oct 2007 Cessna 206H Stationair With Axsys V14 for Sale

2007 Cessna 206H Stationair

With Axsys V14 MSII Stabilized Camera System


2007 Cessna 206H Stationair With Axsys V14 for Sale2007 Cessna 206H Stationair With Axsys V14 for Sale! The airplane is a 2007 Cessna 206H Stationair. The gyro stabilized camera system is an Axsys V14 MSII. The V14 MSII is a fully-digital, four-axis stabilized multi sensor camera that provides exceptional aerial surveillance and detection capabilities for law enforcement, military and public utilities applications.The Axsys V14 MSII combines the latest in IR and high-definition EO sensor technology and incorporates a proprietary high-performance computer, HD video processor and power conditioning unit, the HDU-900. The integrated processor works seamlessly with the MSII’s touch-screen console controller, allowing simplified user Input, control and monitoring of all system features. The V14 MSII’s EO and IR sensor technology, superior lens stabilization, unmatched continuous zoom capabilities and multiple payload options, delivers high-performance, flawlessly precise images ideal for any mission, day or night.


For more information click here.


Contact: Matt Trub 800.897.7637 or matt@hdaerial.com

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