Drone Aerial Filming

First of all, we provide aerial drone cinematography but we also provide beautiful ground video footage.  For the  “A More Beautiful Barn” series produced for Cargill we used our heavy lift Octocopter with a MoVI M10 gimbal and the Red Dragon Camera to capture the aerial images. For the ground shots we used the same Red Dragon and MoVI M10.  Because we were using the same camera and gimbal to capture both aerials and ground video, it was crucial that could that we could change out the system from our aerial rig to a handheld rig in about forty five minutes and reverse that configuration in about one hour.  Therefore, the client had the versatility to fly aerials in the morning, use the MōVI for ground shots during the day and re-rig for aerials in the afternoon. This is a very efficient package if your budget will only allow one camera.

Professional Drone Services

The “Beautiful Barn Series” stretched across 3 states; Texas, Virginia and Missouri. Our team provided the drone pilot, drone camera operator and MoVI technician for all 3 locations. Our drone pilot has over 1,000 flight hours and is FAA licensed. Every flight is planned and cleared through proper procedures ensuring each flight is safe and successful. Our drone camera operator has been shooting aerials for over twenty years.  His experience also includes shooting aerials from manned helicopters using gyro-stabilized  camera systems like the Cineflex Elite and Ultra. Our team is not a group of RC hobbyist. We are a qualified team of Drone professionals.

Video Production Services

Our drone aerial videography team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to swing into a masterful ground video production team. As a result they are adept at operating the MoVI in place of other gyro stabilized systems on the ground.