Aerial Drone Cinematography

The automotive industry loves to use our drone video production to show off their cars. Our aerial cinematographer has produced stunning aerial images for Land Rover, Mercedes, Cadillac, Jaguar, Toyota, and Porsche. Everyone wants to see how the cars will perform and what better way to see them, than from the air with aerial drone cinematography. Our drones will move low and fast along with the cars. Our drone operator is experienced and is FAA licensed. Every drone production is planned and cleared through proper procedures ensuring each flight is safe and successful.

Live Events Captured With Drone Production

Drone aerial cinematography can also be used to capture live events like a competition and fund raiser for our armed forces and law enforcement. Aerial filming of people learning security driving and fire arms techniques was our assignment. Our aerial footage was handed to an editor to create short videos of the activities to show on large screens all throughout the day. Once everyone had learned the security driving techniques and had a chance to do some practice runs, the real competition began. The team with the fastest score on the track won. This was another opportunity for our drone production team to fly fast and low to capture the car action on the race track and firing range.