Aerial footage of San Francisco
HDaerial.Com filmed Levi's GranFondo Bike Race. Tens of thousands of cyclists from nearly every corner of the world tout Levi’s GranFondo as simply the best bike ride on the continent. Dozens of media outlets agree, from Outside to Bicycling to Road Bike Action and beyond. With 128 miles of potential routes over ten distinct course options. Captured with the Cineflex V14 and the Bell 407.
Santa Rosa, California, Levi's GranFondo Bike Race. aerial filming, Cineflex V14, bike race, sports, Cineflex Elite, Alexa camera, aerial production, web commercial, corporate video, 2k video capture, 4k video capture, gyro stabilized camera system,
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Aerial footage of San Francisco

Aerial Cinematography can capture dynamic angles of construction sites, scenes for feature films, television shows and commercials or beautiful panoramic viewsa of your city like this aerial footage of San Francisco Bay area.

Aerial Filming, Manned Aircraft